Accepted Papers

Studying the defender

Designing organizations for cyber security resilience
Marshall Kuypers & Thomas Maillart

On the effort for security maintenance of open source components
Stanislav Dashevskyi, Achim D. Brucker & Fabio Massacci

Domain registration policy strategies and the fight against online crime
Janos Szurdi & Nicolas Christin

Studying the underground

Issued for abuse: measuring the underground trade in code signing certificates
Kristián Kozák, Bum Jun Kwon, Doowon Kim, Christopher Gates & Tudor Dumitraş

Ransomware payments in the Bitcoin ecosystem
Masarah Paquet-Clouston, Bernhard Haslhofer & Benoit Dupon

To pay or not: game theoretic models of ransomware
Edward Cartwright, Julio Hernandez-Castro & Anna Stepanova

Cryptocurrencies and the real world

The rise and fall of cryptocurrencies
Amir Feder, Neil Gandal, Jt Hamrick, Tyler Moore & Marie Vasek

Virtual currencies and fundamental rights
Christian Rückert

Bitcoin redux
Ross Anderson, Ilia Shumailov, Alessandro Rietmann & Mansoor Ahmed

Information sharing and privacy

Incentives for human agents to share security information: a model and an empirical test
Alain Mermoud, Marcus Matthias Keupp, Kévin Huguenin, Maximilian Palmié & Dimitri Percia David

Information disclosure and security policy design: a large-scale randomization experiment in Pan-Asia
Yun-Sik Choi, Shu He, Yunhui Zhuang, Gene Moo Lee, Alvin Chung Man Leung & Andrew Whinston

An analysis of the effectiveness of the EU data breach notification obligation
Bernold Nieuwesteeg & Michael Faure

Sponsored search advertisement and consumer prices: an empirical investigation
Eduardo Abraham Schnadower Mustri, Alessandro Acquisti & Idris Adjerid

Cyber risk quantification and insurance

The price of cyber (in)security: evidence from the Italian private sector
Claudia Biancotti

Embracing and controlling risk dependency in cyber insurance policy underwriting
Mohammad Mahdi Khalili, Mingyan Liu & Sasha Romanosky

Monte Carlo methods to investigate how aggregated cyber insurance claims data impacts security investments
Daniel W. Woods & Andrew C. Simpson

Markets and signals

A trading market to incentivize secure software
Malvika Rao, Georg Link, Don Marti, Andy Leak & Rich Bodo

A bug bounty perspective on the disclosure of web vulnerabilities
Jukka Ruohonen & Luca Allodi

Modeling and analysis of leaky deception using signaling games with evidence
Jeffrey Pawlick, Edward Colbert & Quanyan Zhu

Education and behavior

Now or never! Or later? Increasing cyber-security compliance by reducing present bias
Alisa Frik, Eyal Peer, Marian Harbach, Nathan Malkin & Serge Egelman

The effect of security education and expertise on security assessments: the case of software vulnerabilities
Luca Allodi, Marco Cremonini, Fabio Massacci & Woohyun Shim

Does online piracy make computers insecure? Evidence from panel data
Rahul Telang

Note: the session structure and paper order are provisional.